About Me

My experience as a teacher of very young children with special needs along with a post-graduate training in Waldorf Early Childhood education enabled me to see the inner gestures of children and their spiritual nature.  This ability evolved into medical intuitive skills for all living things.

lavenderI recognize that inner striving is a quest to reconnect to one’s divinity and expand it into the world. It’s our divine right to experience a life filled with love and joy; it’s our divine obligation to live a life of kindness, compassion, forgiveness, peace and understanding. Living these principles comprises the most powerful form of healing.

Quantum physics has already proven that we’re made up of of recycled atoms from the universe and that energy is a form of consciousness and divine life force.  We breathe molecules of Argon from the air which have been shared by every living being on the planet throughout time!  Everything is connected and everything we do, all that we are, affects everything else.

I can help you in your quest to experience your birthright: peace, joy and healing. However, it’s less about what I do but rather about what you as an individual desire, and your personal goals and motivation towards healing. Energy follows intention and where attention goes, energy flows!

***   Empower Radio Interview with Susan   ***

“I had a real amazing healing session with Susan.  She is a very talented seer and healer who has been practicing healing arts for several decades.  She has an extensive array of healing modalities as well as scientific healing tools.  Great merge between intuition and technology to satisfy any person with healing and spiritual needs.”

—Pierre Garreaud, Sound Light Healer