Many people believe that a positive attitude and outlook on life are qualities to which a person is naturally disposed or that develop effortlessly over time.  Let me tell you categorically how false that assumption is.  As a child I was a full-fledged melancholic, convinced I was born into a miserable life and that my destiny was to carry the weight of the world on my shoulders.  I felt my destiny was to be sad and miserable all the time; it was my job!  I felt everyone’s pain; I felt the pain of the world. I was different; I was very old at the age of 7.  Didn’t people know that??  I actually became angry when people dared to tell me to smile!!   I can laugh at that now.

So what changed?  How do we develop a positive outlook and why should we even bother?  Basically, an optimistic approach to life leads to grace, happiness and joy, better health and better relationships, and is a magnet for attracting abundance in all realms.  It connects us to our true self and opens the door for divine guidance, gratitude and love.  But we’ll talk about this more later.

For many people, shifting to a positive outlook requires a lot of inner work.   Some aspects may come more naturally than others, but the results are well worthwhile.  The essence is that being optimistic has little to do with outer circumstances; it’s a state of being, cultivated through constant effort and a commitment to change.

When I was training to become a Waldorf Early Childhood specialist, we were instructed to avoid saying “NO” to a child.  How is this possible, you wonder?  There’s no way to work with or be around children without saying “No”.  What a challenge it became — every day in every moment.  Yet I was amazed at the inspirations that manifested at exactly the right times. Soon it wasn’t an overwhelming effort; it was actually FUN and gratitude began to fill my being.

Here’s an example.  My first Waldorf pre-school class had 19 children: 15 boys and 4 girls all under the age of 6.  That alone was daunting.  Then a new little girl came into the class who wasn’t used to the rhythms of the day.  She was determined to do whatever she wanted.  Before our morning circle activity, she decided to try to run out the classroom door to go outside.  I remember feeling a slight panic, then looking at her and saying “How did you know??”  (She stopped dead in her tracks.)  “How did you know that’s exactly what we’re going to do AFTER we finish our morning circle?!  Come join our circle and  you can lead the way out when we’re done.”  Her transformation was beautiful!!   And I was constantly humbled by the amazing effects of simply changing one behavior.

The Attitude of Gratitude

Gratitude is also an attitude cultivated through practice.  In this day and age of “instant gratification”, we often take so much for granted – the food on our tables, our shelter, our clothing, our electronic toys, our friends and family, the loving animal companions around us, and yes, even the earth itself.  In a sense, we go to sleep; we lose consciousness of the manifold blessings that surround us in every realm.  I’m sure all of you have had someone say to you at some point in your life — “count your blessings!”   However, this exercise doesn’t include focusing on “yes, but…”   If those experiences surface, acknowledge them but continue to direct your attention to whatever you’re grateful for.   It can be as simple as reviewing everything for which you’re thankful at any moment; it can consist of making a list; or it can be a moment-to-moment inner experience of blessing every event in your life.   All new habits require practice and mindfulness before they become “effortless”.  It has been shown that every new behavior requires 21 days of consistent practice to become a habit.  That’s a small investment to make!

What happens as a result of this practice can be life transforming.  The heart becomes more open and flooded with moments of warmth, love and joy.  We experience the abundance in our life no matter what our material circumstance may be.   We change and raise our vibration — and like attracts like.  As we shift our view of the world, we shift ourselves, and the world shifts even more, creating a cycle of higher and higher vibration.  SHIFT HAPPENS!!  This is a universal law and the foundation of The Secret!  The more gratitude we feel, the more abundance we attract in all realms of life.  It may not mean you win the lottery and it may happen very gradually; but it can’t fail when we follow this practice.

Surfing the Zuvuya

The term “Zuvuya” is a Mayan word which refers to connecting to the wave of our true Divinity – to the “big memory circuit”, the inter-dimensional creative source, the galatic center, the Central Sun – and allowing this energy to flow freely through us, both individually and collectively.  When we’re attuned to our higher self, that divine essence that allows events to flow harmoniously and easily into our lives, we’re “surfing the Zuvuya” — riding the wave that aligns us with our higher purpose.  Through practicing positivity and gratitude, by allowing one’s thoughts to be warmed by the heart, the universe begins to “reward” us with positive flow in our daily lives.  You may find that things you need or things you’ve been thinking about begin to appear in remarkable ways, easily and unexpectedly.  Relationships may show up that enrich your lives in numerous ways.  Unhealthy relationships or relationships that stifle your personal growth may fall away.  Whatever the manifestation, there’s a sense that life is flowing easily and effortlessly – and this may occur with remarkable speed as well.

When I let go of a relationship that was no longer healthy, the speed at which I was catapulted into a new life left everyone, including me, stunned!  Events came together in the most incredible ways, unexpected abundance manifested — and continues…

Thinking Warmed by the Heart

While a positive outlook is a discipline related to thinking, gratitude is a practice that lives in the realm of feeling.  Rudolf Steiner refers to “heart-warmed” thinking which balances the materialistic tendency to cold scientific thinking.  Not only does this attract abundance, it generates compassion, kindness and understanding, leading to a greater and greater capacity to love.  When thinking, feeling and action are united, the human being is in harmony with oneself and the universe.

I knew an individual who considered communication to be a “competitive sport” and thrived on bantering.  His purpose was to hear what the other person was saying, then  “one up” whatever the remark was – or logically prove the other person wrong in whatever they were expressing.  (And this may have value in some situations.)  Competitive communication gave him pleasure and a sense of power and wit which fed his ego, all the while stifling true compassionate interaction.  Although he practiced positivity and gratitude, manifesting abundance was exceedingly elusive.  Sincere warmth of heart, compassion and genuine kindness seem to be the qualities that broadcast our intentions into the universe.  It’s well known by researchers that the heart has a larger electromagnetic field and higher level of intelligence than the brain!

Free Will

There are many subconscious attitudes and beliefs we have about ourselves that can impact our ability to manifest.  We make choices every day that determine the probable course of our lives.  What works for one person doesn’t necessarily work for another.   However, the effort made to shift is often more important than the immediate result because it leads to permanent changes in oneself.  “Upping” our vibration, i.e., changing our attitudes and behaviors, is a lifelong effort requiring honesty and commitment.  It’s achievable, and it’s achievable NOW.

Finally, I say to everyone:  SHIFT HAPPENS, SO UP OURS!!!   Namaste.


  1. “Zuvuya is the Mayan term for the big memory circuit. It is the memory hotline. It connects equally to the future as well as the past because it is an interdimensional thread. It is what fuels synchronicity, and consequently, it is the pipeline for magic.”