Miraculous… Susan, I don’t know how to thank you for the sessions. You cleared my energy field enough that I was able to take so many healing steps in these last two days! My neck pain in down to zero and my anxiety is greatly diminished. You are amazing and the calmness you radiate is healing by itself.

O.G. | North Carolina

I recently had two separate appointments with Susan. Both exceeded any expectations I had. Over the past few years, I have had severe recurring and painful gout flareups. My liver was quite clearly taxed and for years I was on medication that required frequent lab tests to see how it was affecting my liver function. Susan suggested I have an ion footbath and during the procedure, sure enough, the color of the water was indicative of liver issues. The good news? Since my ion bath several months ago I have had no gout flareups at all!

My second appointment with Susan was a sound healing session which utilized different frequencies to balance my own body’s resonance. I have struggled with anxiety and racing thoughts for years. Friends and relatives have been remarking for weeks as to my focus and overall calm following my visit with Susan. I am very grateful to her for not only feeling better, but also having clarity that I haven’t felt in decades. Highly recommended.

J.D. | North Carolina

Having given up on traditional treatments for chronic sinus issues, neck discomfort and stress, I recently had my first Acutonics Sound Healing session with Susan.  I had no idea what to expect and found it to be a very calming and effective experience! The environment offers a warm and welcoming feeling that fosters relaxation even before the session begins. Susan is an EXCELLENT practitioner; she listened attentively and patiently to my concerns at the beginning of the session. During the treatment, I felt comfortable and enveloped by the soothing sounds and vibrations. There were even times when I “saw” vibrant colors while my eyes were closed. At the conclusion of the treatment, I felt rejuvenated and rested, and I realized my neck wasn’t as stiff, my sinuses began to drain and I was calmer overall. If you are contemplating booking an Acutonics Sound Healing session, I highly recommend it! Your body, mind and spirit will thank you!

M.J. | North Carolina

I have been having Animal Communication sessions with Susan since 2016 and feel very supported by her. My cats are important family members, and they are so different from each other! There are times when I simply don’t have the skillset to understand what is going on with them individually or in their connections with one another and me. Susan addresses any questions or concerns and relays so clearly what my beloved animal companions are trying to communicate that I may be missing. This helps me care for them at a deeper level. Her suggestions have given me opportunities to connect in new ways because we are sharing new experiences together. I am very grateful to Susan and will continue to seek her guidance.

Jessi Youngdale| Missouri

Hands that have healing touch. Eyes that see what is going on energetically. A knowledge and skill for balancing and harmonizing. Tools that vibrate with your being. This is what Susan offers her clients. She is amazing. Your body, soul and spirit will be blessed.

Lynn Jericho | North Carolina

I visited Susan for a combination session of sound healing, biomat, and therapeutic oils after completing an intense medical practice rotation and national board exam. Although I was relieved to be finished with such a grueling schedule, I also felt very “off”. I was disoriented and stressed out, and that was affecting my mental and spiritual well-being in a big way. I entered into Susan’s space not knowing exactly what to expect. And to my surprise, the session was absolutely great!

While lying on the biomat, I began releasing all the stuff that I had ignored and mistreated in my trifecta of body-mind-spirit. The oils felt like heavenly rain as the drops hit my spine. I was able to relax and release as the sounds of the tuning forks softly vibrated next to my body. The calming and healing scents were perfect. Susan was focused and knew how to elicit and emit wonderful healing energy. During the oil applications, she was strong and intense when she came across my “stuck places”, and soft and smooth when I needed to be nurtured.

Immediately afterwards, I felt very calm. However, it was actually in the coming days and weeks where I noticed the most results. I felt grounded and connected, more focused and relaxed. My psyche was clearer, my spirit able to smile and roam again, and my back pain was very much less noticeable. I felt like I had more energy as well. Now, months later, I can still smell the healing oils if I close my eyes and breathe deeply. I am amazed.

P.M. | South Carolina

I want to give a big shout-out to Susan for helping me out of a serious bind. I had a surgical procedure done and unfortunately, I experienced several unintended side effects (UTI and digestive upset) that were causing me serious pain and restlessness. I was exhausted and a bit hopeless. Thankfully, Susan reached out to me and helped me to use items from my essential oils kit – as well as other items – to provide some much needed relief. I am feeling so much better after only 12 hours! I could not be more thankful for her advice and caring spirit.

I would also like to say that this is not the first time Susan has helped me out. I had not had much exposure to holistic treatment methods until recent years. And I have always been a somewhat skeptical person, so my brain is not yet wired to think of natural remedies as a first response. Like many people, I usually suffer a few days and then go to a clinic for antibiotics. Susan has come through for me on several occasions and has been right on the nose with her suggestions. She is training me to believe in the power of alternatives. I certainly don’t want to introduce more pharmaceuticals into my body than absolutely necessary, so I am pleased to have found that there are almost always things I can try at home first. The combination of Susan’s medical experience and her vast knowledge of natural remedies has made her a virtual walking encyclopedia of information. I trust her advice and know that she cares deeply for my welfare. I also know that she is not going to discourage me from going to the doctor if that is what I need, but that she stands ready to guide me through natural resources as often as possible. Susan has made a true believer out of me and I am coming around to the point of thinking about what I can do for myself before running to the clinic. I highly suggest that you allow her to be a guide for you if you desire to learn more about natural healing and health. Thanks again Susan!!

R.J. | North Carolina

Ok, it’s time for a testimonial! My lower back was in the worst pain imaginable. I had been ignoring it for several days to focus on work. I couldn’t ignore it any longer, called Susan and (thank you Goddess) she fit me in for an emergency appointment. I must admit that I hadn’t seen Susan in over a year. She gave me a full work up! I left still in pain but felt a shift. My back said, “thank you, but now leave me alone so I can rest.”  The next day I bent over (without thinking) and realized that the pain was faint and almost completely gone. I don’t honestly know how or what you do Susan, all I know is that I am forever grateful. Thank you and see you soon for our follow up session! Feeling so blessed!

M.H. | North Carolina

Susan, thank you for an incredible healing session. I have had very limited movement since injuring my back while moving a grill. Immediately after my healing session with you, my back felt better than it has in 10 years. I have been to doctor after doctor with minimal if any improvement. Right now I feel like I can dance all night long!!! Folks, you will not regret the decision to visit Susan for a healing session. Thanks again, you are incredible!!

C.C. | North Carolina

I initially contacted Susan when my dogs were getting older and having significant health issues. I wanted to see how they felt about their impending end of life transition. This was especially important to me for my surviving sweet animal companion. It was very comforting to have Susan connect with her regarding how she was feeling and what she was experiencing. Although the vet had given my dog just a few days to live, Susan perceived that her work wasn’t quite done. My dog survived over 2 months longer and I was able to cherish many more moments.  Susan was able to confirm what I was experiencing as well and that made me so much more peaceful and accepting of the situation. Her support meant a lot. When we only guess, we doubt ourselves. Being able to have Susan facilitate communication helps everyone.

Jeanette Bronée, CHHC, AADP
Self-Nourishment Coach,

Integrative Nutrition & Meta-Medicine Health Coach,

Author, Speaker & Founder of Path for Life®


I found out about Susan from an area list server I was on.  It was an instant intuitive hit and I emailed to book an Integrated Energy Therapy session. Unfortunately, she hadn’t any timeslots available for over a week.  I am mentioning all this because the wait gave me time to inwardly reconsider having a healing session at all.  However, my inner voice didn’t waiver, so I kept the appointment.  Susan was very warm and inviting.

I have been to many healers before and was prepared for anything, especially anything that would help me move through some stuck emotions. But this was different.   I got on the therapy table with the biomat and Susan got out her amazing tuning forks.  (Really gives a new and probably more accurate meaning to a “tune up!”).  What happened to me on the table is why I am writing this testimonial.  Susan started her trauma work and mentioned some things might come up as she uses her hands and energy to help release these energies.  I just vaguely remember her saying this because I immediately fell straight asleep, a deep sleep, so deep it wasn’t normal for me.  And I kid you not — while I was sleeping, images of past events kept flashing by at full speed, so fast I couldn’t hold onto any of them; all I could do was watch.  I woke up drooling and thinking I had been talking in my sleep.  It was a profound experience.  I do wish I had taken the next day off from work. The emptying process was exhausting but now after 2 days I am starting to feel the absence of the “tapes” that I used to play over in my head.  I am still me, just not weighted down by emotions/thoughts.  Enjoying this freeing feeling and am already looking forward to another session!

M.H. | North Carolina

I have known Susan since we were friends as children, next-door neighbors.  Witnessing her life-path as a teacher, healer, animal communicator, and continued close friend is a gift. Susan is uniquely attuned and sensitive, without judgmental assumptions; her greatest pleasure is in opening the doors to healing, heightened awareness, and happiness.  She knows first-hand that the decision to move from the bedrocks of anger and stuckness requires hard work, and that there are no magic solutions.  The real magic manifests itself in a profound life shift, where Susan helps the seemingly impossible become possible, as despair dissolves into hope and creativity.  She is truly a healer.   Invite Susan to join you on your journey to shed the skins that no longer serve you and become the person who is eager and ready to attract creativity, health, prosperity and change.

Jeannie Friedman- Artist, Designer, Poet

Susan is a truly gifted healer. Her knowledge and understanding of the mind, body and spirit connection as they relate to each individual enable her to give the right type of energy healing for each person. Susan’s years of anthroposophical as well as R.N. training give her a tremendous advantage in delivering specialized healing to those in need.

I have been having treatments by Susan for at least 7+ years, and have had the benefits of experiencing more optimum health and wellness every time.  Because of Susan and her healing knowledge and abilities, I now know when I am in need of an energy treatment.

Susan’s healing ways make you feel very safe and cradled, with the comfort that you are in excellent hands.  I highly recommend Susan and All One Spirit to everyone in need of recharging and nourishing their mind, body and spirit to help them feel better, at the most optimum health they can.

I cannot say enough good about Susan. I wish everyone the wonderful healing energy Susan can bring to you.

P. T. | New Hampshire

I called Susan when our outside cat, Wolfie, was very low – not eating for several days and having difficulty urinating.  He had been through this same ordeal the previous summer and had lost a tremendous amount of weight, and we thought we might lose him.  Susan had wonderful advice for me regarding help I could get for him, and she also did a healing session on him.  That night at midnight he was scratching on the door asking for food!  He has steadily progressed to being his old, delightful self and appears fully recovered.  The messages Susan gave me from him were very encouraging and we have taken heart!  If you have an animal in need, you should certainly contact her.  Her work is amazing, practical and enlightening.

Judith J. Winston, Founder
Health Touch NC | http://healthtouchnc.com

Something we want to tell you again is how meaningful your presence was right after my brother’s death, and how significant your channeling was. I keep returning to it; it gives me an awareness of healing that I’ve found crucial, since I wouldn’t have guessed it was possible earlier.  Once again, our heartfelt thanks!

Dr. N. M. | California

Susan and I are childhood friends who have seen each other only once since high school although we’ve communicated over the years through social media.  But a couple of years ago, I began a journey that would leave me temporarily paralyzed and near death following spine surgery. During the procedure, I contracted a very aggressive strain of systemic MRSA, which subsequently invaded the bones of my spine.  Massive sepsis affected every organ system and I was told I might never walk again. They truly didn’t expect me to survive.

During this period of time, I kept a journal through social media, enlisting the support of friends and family.  Susan became one of my greatest supporters, sending me articles documenting the success of essential oils for boosting the immune system and results of clinical trials on the use of these oils for the treatment of MRSA. In addition, she kept me going with a stream of uplifting messages and prayers.

In spite of the physical and emotional trauma I endured, Susan never let me give up. I began to look forward to her spiritual messages for they comforted and reassured me when nothing else could. I have spent my working career as a cancer and general medical researcher, but have always believed that the best medicine is a combination of eastern and western practices. I knew a great deal about the eastern approach to what I had, but was less knowledgeable about other alternatives, that is, until Susan came back into my life. I cannot say enough about her kind and gentle approach to wellness and am convinced the essential oils helped me as much as all of the toxic medications I was receiving.

Just as my passion has always been medical research, Susan’s has been healing the body, mind and spirit through a natural approach. She lives what she teaches and it becomes readily apparent how strongly she cares about people. Today, I am defying all odds — back to working almost full-time, exercising and weight training, and walking a mile in 15 minutes!  I know it would have taken me even longer to return to my daily life if Susan had not intervened when she did. Thank goodness for social media and for my dear friend…

Marian Edelstein- Medical Research Consultant

Thinking I have just been visited by the best long distance Cat Whisperer there is!  I had been trying to cat-sit my grandkitty while my son was away on an actual safari.  A week into this was proving to be a lonely trek for both of us.  She proved to be scared of my husband and hid all the time on our third floor.  After following Susan’s advice, within a couple of hours our grandkitty allowed me to hold her and pet her, then actually walked downstairs with me, albeit staying only for a brief time.  But we are on our way to bonding now.  Thank you Susan … Cat Whisperer Extraordinaire!!

N. B. | New Hampshire

After 2 years of marriage, my daughter and her husband decided to try to get pregnant.  My daughter has Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome and a thyroid condition.  After going off the pill, her cycles continued to be irregular.  On the advice of her doctor, she lost weight as well which helped some.  It was at that point I thought of Susan because I know she’s a top notch medical intuitive.  Susan “took a look” at her and suggested several supplements to prepare her body to become pregnant.  Since my daughter and I are both energy workers and use the Amethyst BioMat, we utilized those tools as well.  My daughter followed Susan’s advice with the supplements and we both knew she and her body were ready!  Over the next several months, I continued to encourage my daughter to remain positive, use visualization to see herself pregnant, and keep doing her energy work. Three days before their 3rd anniversary, my daughter received the news she was pregnant!  I know that Susan was an instrumental part of this and I am so grateful to her for her gifts of insight and intuition.  My grandson is the light of my life!

Michelle A. McCarthy Integrated Energy Therapy®
Master-Instructor/Trainer Reiki Master Teacher
Heart to Heart Healing Connection | http://heart2hearthealing.com

Susan Seidman does amazing work!  She is best known as an Animal Communicator and that work is fascinating. She can ‘talk’ to animals and find out what’s bothering them. Often that information makes all the difference in helping the pet owner make changes so that the animal is comfortable and their behavior changes. Even more amazing is that she can do this remotely. In addition, she utilizes a wide range of hands on healing, including a form of sound healing using tuning forks which is very powerful and soothing work that helped me a lot.

Susan is also adept as a Medical Intuitive for both people and animals. She can ‘see’ what’s going on that’s causing physical and often emotional issues. Since Susan is also a Registered Nurse trained in Anthroposophical Medicine, she can offer suggestions for alternative remedies to help in all kinds of situations as well as decoding what medical practitioners have suggested. She certainly helped me with several problems and I am always grateful for that. Again, she can do this intuitive reading remotely.

Susan is a master practitioner in several modalities and I give her my highest recommendation.

D. F. | Massachusetts

Susan’s reading gave me insights into the social interactions in my animal family: dog and cat. When I implemented Susan’s practical suggestions that the animals communicated to her, I was delighted at their reactions to the new regimes and equipment. She has a gift, and a gentle way of bridging the species.

J. H. | Massachusetts

I could cite so many things that occurred as a result of our communication session, but suffice it to say that some real changes were noted immediately after. Susan, I can’t thank you enough for your capability, generosity and skill. I found you to be an extraordinary resource in being able to directly communicate with my beloved cat and to create an understanding that seems to have altered actual behavior on his part. There is a new level of communication present between us and I am so grateful. I feel you possess a unique capacity that any pet owner would welcome. Your reading exceeded my expectations and more than answered all my questions! Actually, the questions were answered with an insight that I found extraordinary. You are the link between us! 

L. D. | Tennessee

Just a note to let you know that Kamala is doing very, very well. She woke me up this morning with a very healthy appetite and has made a piggy of herself this morning. She’s taking all the supplements you recommended and has even resumed her theft of Jack’s dry food. She looks well and even her thirst seems to have subsided. Joy has come back to our home. We KNOW that all of this is in great part directly related to the work you do with her and the implementation of what you have taught us. Kamala is more energetic, significantly so. Susan Seidman strikes again! Thank you, thank you, thank you, and a million times more thank you.

W. B-F | New York

My cats have had immediate changes in their behavior patterns when Susan tunes into them and treats them with long distance healing. Not only do they feel better, but I do also. Several times Susan has communicated with my cats shortly after they passed over. It is always comforting to have some ‘knowledge’ of their peace, ease, and expansion of spirit when they’re no longer in body.

S. S. | New Hampshire

I don’t know if you remember me or Big Mac, but I wanted to let you know that we have had a couple of breakthroughs this summer with him. I just wanted to thank you for all of your advice in working with him. You were so right about love and patience. I can tell you, he is a transformed spirit. Thank you, Susan. We would not be at this point without you!!

L. M. | Tennessee

My aging Maine Coon with breast cancer had stopped eating, yet wanted to still interact. The vet examined her, but she did not move on the table nor show interest in food. The vet left the treatment room, and Susan did an energetic treatment above the cat’s body. I offered food to my kitty, and she ate a good amount and then promptly jumped off the examination table. The vet was perplexed! My cat continued to eat for a couple more weeks before passing on. What a blessing to have had more time with her.

Meryl’s Mom | New Hampshire

Thank you for your words of wisdom. You have such a gift of communication, both written and spoken and your eloquence is heartfelt by me. Magic loved(s) you and you were always such a comfort to both of us, particularly when he experienced his many health issues.

L. S. | Maryland

I contacted Susan when my pets had a health crisis. She helped us transition to a totally holistic approach and supported us every step of the way. Our vet confirmed everything she recommended and my cats have never relapsed since.

T. S. W. | Massachusetts

The day after the session you did with my elderly dog, he jumped up and ran to the car….well staggered to the car. And for the first time he has eaten. Thank you!

R. T-W | United Kingdom

I’ve had many treatments from Susan: tuning forks, Integrated Energy, crystals combined with tuning forks, ionic foot cleanses, and remote energy balancing. She tunes in to what you need in the moment. Her work coaxes the ‘stress fractures’ in my physical, emotional and mental bodies to realign. I deeply relax and part of me is restored to wholeness.

S. S.- Massage Therapist | Massachusetts & New Hampshire

My cat was very unhealthy and 6 months pregnant when we found each other. For the three years I’ve had her, there have been continual health problems that have challenged us. I contacted Susan and asked about some specific issues. I implemented her recommendations in addition to what I had already been doing. Since adding the new supplements, my cat is doing better and eating better as well. Now for the first time in 3 years, she has started purring! These remedies also help my other 2 cats. Thank you Susan for giving me such helpful information for the health of my cats!

J. T. | Colorado

Susan and I were on a stressful late evening (India time) work-related conference call when I told her I was very sick with a flu and I wasn’t getting enough sleep. She volunteered to do some healing work on me and we ended the call. I had no idea what she was doing or if she was doing anything, and I had serious doubts about what could happen from such a long distance. However, I started to feel like my mind was clearing up and then I went to sleep. According to my wife, I slept like a baby that night – which is very rare since I typically sleep only 4 hours. I slept a full 7 hours and ended up late to work! When I woke, though, I felt very clear-headed, healthy and energetic. When I asked my wife why she didn’t wake me, she told me she was surprised at how deeply I was sleeping and she didn’t want to disturb me since I had been so sick. (She didn’t know anything about the healing.) To this day, I still remember the experience and I’m ready for more healing work any time Susan offers!

B. C. K. | India

I had been in two car accidents 2 months apart from one another and sprained my left ankle so badly that I was on crutches for a week.  After seeing a doctor, I was told I was fine and to go ahead and put weight on my sprained ankle, which I did.  However, the NEXT day I woke up and my left shoulder started to go numb, then it traveled to my neck and finally my face.  I was terrified and went to see the doctor again.  He recommended a cortisone shot which I didn’t want to do, so I decided never to see that doctor again.  The following day, I saw Susan who noticed that I looked awful and miserable.  She felt my shoulders and told me I was exceptionally tense, indicating stress and discomfort in the body, and recommended I try her healing methods.  At that point I was willing to try anything, so I went to her therapy center.   Susan used series of tuning forks combined with back and neck massage, and an energy finder with crystals for her energy work.  The session ended with an amazing treatment on the Amethyst BioMat which made my back and neck feel like melted butter and all the pain just went away.  The whole procedure from beginning to end was amazing, relaxing, and very professional.  I was very impressed with Susan’s expertise and how she was able to explain everything she was doing and the beneficial effects.

N. H. | North Carolina